Our mission is to create outstanding commercials that surprise, delight and inspire people, thereby connecting brands and customers at an emotional level.

5 basic principles of mfive

1. For the brand. About the brand. On behalf of the brand.

An advertisement must always remain to advertise, regardless of its format. The online environment creates the new attitude of building of marketing communication but it stays the same at its core values.

In our works. We are talking straight from the brand’s name and do not afraid to represent brand aloud because we are sure that people love to watch cool ads.

The commercials we create for our clients get huge coverage. It’s being shown at The Night of the AD Eaters, and on popular TV shows and newscasts around the Globe. Our works have been published by Forbes, Boards, Shots and Gizmodo. More projects >>

2. Viral commercials. Nothing more.

mfive only produces commercials for digital environment. This is what we live to do and is what we truly love.

This narrow specialization enables us to concentrate on one point, and as a result we have a deep knowledge and real experience of creating world-class advertising projects. And it gives its results – Our ads have received more than 50 awards at international ad festivals, such as the Cannes Lions, The Webby Awards, London International Awards, Golden Drum, KIAF, Red Apple, etc.

And we continue to improve, develop ourselves and the industry, so as to offer to you all the great features of this trend of advertising.

3. "Oh my god!" - it's emotions.

In mfive, we believe that modern advertising is the advertising of emotions.

At the moment of launching the World Music Mix ad more than 20% of positive mentions of Beeline brand were connected with it. Check out the viewers comments and see how did it affected audience.

Thus, emotions come to the forefront and drive Viral Video Advertising. Emotions do cement the information in the subconscious mind of the consumer, call and motivate to action, and inspire and transform the trade mark into the Brand.

4. There must be a way to measure harmony.

Commercials created by mfive it is always a predictable results.

We developed our own system of evaluating the effectiveness of a viral video that helps us to set the clear goals and reach them.

We constantly adjust, develop and improve the “System”, and in 2014 we launched Viral Checker the one and only instrument of viral analysis in Russia.

5. Not all done before us.

We are constantly looking for something new. Ideas. Forms. Methods. Innovation – that is what often determines the success of the ad, and helps it to be noticeable.

For example, we developed the imaging algorithm for the International Federation of Photo science and it makes the image of the video being viewed only with using of camera.

Our independent mfive lab is constantly looking for new visual solutions and technical effects. It gives us the opportunity to strengthen our ideas and to offer you already proven, but unique, concepts.